The Best Burritos in Los Angeles

Burritos go global in L.A.

Lengua burrito at Taqueria Los Anaya
Lengua burrito at Taqueria Los Anaya | Photo by Joshua Lurie

The burrito, a beloved Mexican food item featuring a flour tortilla and a range of fillings, has origins in northern Mexico, with most people pointing toward the border town of Ciudad Juárez. Now, some of the most famous burritos are rooted in California. For instance, Mission burritos in San Francisco can be massive, and in San Diego the California burrito is known to contain French fries. In Los Angeles, we’re not bound by any particular traditions, so you’ll find a far larger variety, including many Asian fillings. L.A.’s most famous burrito may belong to Manuel’s Original El Tepeyac Café in Boyle Heights, which holds the distinction of serving burritos the size of small schnauzers. However, you’ll probably enjoy these 10 standout burritos even more.

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